Disney On Ice | Review

Reviewed on 09 Apr 2016
  • Event review

    Me and three other twenty-something Disney fanatics had the time of our lives watching the spectacular Disney On Ice presents Silver Anniversary Celebration at the Genting Arena. 

    Whilst we might not be the specific target market for the family friendly ice show, we were without a doubt one of the most excited groups in the arena. As we walked through the entrance, we were immediately hit by the smell of popcorn and the flashing lights from the merchandise stands. The amount of kids dressed as their favourite characters made us all very jealous that adult sized costumes are hard to come by. The clear favourite was Elsa with what seemed to be hundreds dressed as the Frozen Queen.

    We made our way into the arena and settled into our seats in preparation to be taken on a journey with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. First stop was the Sahara desert where we visited Simba and his friends Timon and Pumba. Next we headed to London to the Darling family home but with a little help from pixie dust, we soon flew off to Neverland with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to battle Captain Hook.

    After a short intermission, the expedition continued under the sea as we swam with Flounder and Ariel where she fell in love with Prince Eric and fought the nasty Ursula. Sebastian’s ‘Under The Sea’ performance was one of the best ice routines I’ve ever seen with jellyfish, seahorses and starfish all taking to the rink. Finally the journey ended in Arendelle and you could tell from the screams in the arena that this is what the audience has been waiting for. The ‘Let It Go’ routine was especially stunning with a costume change and fireworks that had the crowd completely spellbound. 


    As you’d expect from a Disney on Ice production, the choreography, costumes and skaters were all to such a high standard. The show was fast paced and thrilling so everyone in the audience were thoroughly entertained throughout. 

    Reviewed by   Charlie Smith