• The Globies Are Heading To Brum

    02 May 2018

    The stars of Harlem Globetrotters dropped in to see Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 this week! Relive the moment here!

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  • Who are Hollywood Vampires?

    25 Apr 2018

    Take the guitar power behind Aerosmith, a sprinkle of gore and mix it all up with the world's most famous pirate...then, you have Hollywood Vampires! Dig a bit deeper into the ultimate super-group right here!

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  • Safety & Security

    23 Apr 2018


    Your safety and security is our top priority. Working together with local and national authorities, security measures at our Arenas are under constant review to ensure that they remain effective and proportionate.

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  • Our Verdict: Arcade Fire

    15 Apr 2018

    Arcade Fire are probably, scrap that, are definitely my favourite band to see live, and last Sunday when they rolled into the Genting Arena they didn’t disappoint!

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  • Kylie’s back with a new album!

    04 Apr 2018

    Out this Friday, 6 April 2018, Kylie’s highly-anticipated new album 'Golden' is probably her most personal album to date. A hybrid of her classic pop-dance sound that we all know and love, with a little country Tennessee twang. The influence of her trip to Nashville;  the home of Country music is clear but this is undoubtedly and undeniably a Kylie record and we are too excited to get our mitts on it!

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  • Easter Giveaway 2018 T&Cs

    30 Mar 2018

    If you're thinking of entering our Easter Giveaway, check out all the terms and conditions here!

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  • Brad & Connor Play Three's A Crowd

    28 Mar 2018

    We caught up with Brummie boys over at the Genting Arena for a quick game of our newest feature Three’s A Crowd. We got the chaps to spill the beans on whether they preferred 1D, 5SOS or Jonas Brothers, Touring, Writing or Recording and a crunch head-to-head questions…Tristan or James?

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  • Our Elves Take Over The City!

    28 Mar 2018

    We took to the streets of Birmingham with some very cheeky elves from ELF -  A Christmas Spectacular armed with chocolate, eggs and loads of goodies! Here's what went down!

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  • What To Expect At Nashville Live!

    28 Mar 2018

    Don't just listen to what we've got to say about Nashville LIVE, here's the cast revealing what you can expect this April!

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