Our top 5 Nickelback tracks

With the multi-platinum selling band Nickelback heading to the Genting Arena this November, we have been discussing our favourite hits from the Canadian rockers.

If you were asked "What is your favourite Nickelback track?" how would you respond?

That exact question sparked wide debate across the office. With everyone having their own favourite it was too difficult to pick the best so we decided on a top 5, and here they are!

How you remind me

Released in 2001! (Yes, really!) this was pretty much everyone's first introduction to the Canadian band. Chad actually wrote this song about one of his ex's and was the hit that put Nickelback firmly on the map as a great band. The  track has been named as the most played song on U.S radio in the 00's!


If you tuned into any radio station or music TV in 2005, you will probably know this hit! Quickly becoming a kareoke favourite, Nickelback hit gold with this tune and it even stormed into the UK charts at number 2. Even if you are not a fan of Nickelback, you cant deny you have ended up singing along to this when you hear it on the radio! Yes Nickelback, we do all want to be Rockstars!

Far Away

Rleased as a single off the back of their "All the Right Reasons" album, this ballad is possibly the only real love song that Nickelback have ever released, and what a song it is! The successful hit bacame the band's fourth top ten single and the music video isn't too bad either!


Featuring on the Spider-man soundtrack, we couldn't miss this tune off our top 5, with an amazing video it also became a cross-genre hit in 2002 hitting number 1 on several charts all over the world. Rock fact; Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam played drums on the track.


If you ever need to reminise about past times, this is a perfect song to listen to! Hitting number 1 in a few charts this single has got to be one of the best hits Nickelback have come out with, and we can guarantee if this comes on the radio, you will sing along to it. You might have even seen the graph paraody video that went viral recently...


You can still get tickets to see the guys at the Genting Arena on 21 November, don't miss out!