The latest updates and back stage gossip from Free Radio Live!

It's that time of year again people! Yes, we are  giving you all the latest gossip and news back stage for this years Free Radio Live 2015!

Find all of your back stage gossip right here, from exclusive pictures, snippets from our interviews, and all the latest on where the stars are and what they are up to!

With Forum Live starting to fill up the Arena is really starting to pick up, people from all over have gathered together for what is THE ultimate pop party of the year!

Forum Live

The excitement of hearing our acts live is all too much, but, we don't have to wait for the main stars of the night to start doing their thing on stage, the BOA students are getting our crowd all warmed up and ready for the night, with performances from the very talented students right up until the first act!

Forum Live performance

We're sorry you guys in Forum Live can't see this...BUT... The Vamps!! Are just doing their sound check! After hearing this we can't wait to see their full performance later, you're gonna love it!

Vamps warming uo

Here we go, the Arena doors have just opened!! As people start flooding into the Arena bowl we are back stage doing last minute preps, making sure we don't miss a thing!


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Here we go! The Gig has officially started, here is your minute by minute account of everything that's happening on and off the stage!

6.30pm: Sigma have joined us in the Genting Arena tent back stage! We can't give away too much... but wow you lot are in for a treat when they perform later!


7:00 pm What an opening! Sigma have just exploded onto the stage starting us of with their hit 'Redemption', the crowd are loving it!! Whist the lads are rocking the Arena, we have been joined back stage with the amazing YEARS & YEARS!!


7:20pmSigma are still going! We can't believe how mental the crowd are getting whilst they perform their massive hit 'Nobody To Love'. Whilst the boys do their thing, Mr Ben Haenow is with us back stage, telling us all about his time during the X Factor and what he has been up to since!


7:30pm Wow... just wow, 'Desire' is blasting from the stage, its the one and only Years & Years, they have just started their set, we can't wait to hear what else they are going to perform!

7:43pm  The AMAZING Jess Glynne has just arrived at the Genting Arena, and is with us backstage, we can't give away much right now, but she is going make this party a night to remember! Oh, and make sure you stick with us over the next few days to get all the interview gossip.


8:25pm  As Jess Glynne continues to do her thing on the stage, we have been joined backstage by THE VAMPS! However, it is a bit of a struggle to hear everything they are saying as Jess Glynne is currently performing her Children in need single 'Home' making the whole arena bowl sing along.


8:40pm  Time to take a break and get everything set up on stage for the second half of the show, however back stage we are joined by surprise guests WSTRN! Chatting to us about everything they have been upto, and what they have planned over the next few months.

9:00pm Whilst we are getting all the info on WSTRN, The Vamps have just kicked off the second half making the arena explode with noise... we think there are a lot of vampettes here tonight! Currently playing their hit 'Somebody To You' every single person in the arena is singing and dancing along.


9:20pm The Vamps have just finished their incredible set closing with the amazing single 'Wake Up' off their new album, we cant wait to see them back at the Genting Arena next March. Make sure you Get your tickets!

9:30pm After our little meeting back stage, WSTN have just exploded onto stage surprising everyone here with their hit IN2! Getting everyone in the crowd dancing along to their tune!


9:40pm, We have been joined by the one and only, Fluer East! We are getting all the latest info on how her life has changed since X Factor, and how it felt to be in the recording studio.  Nathan Sykes has just taken to the stage with his guitar, and it's like he has never been away! Fantastic performance. We do hope he comes back soon!


9:45pm Nathan Sykes is still putting on a brilliant performance singing his outstanding single 'Over and Over Again' the Arena has been transformed into a sea of lights with everyone swaying and singing along. Meanwhile, backstage, we have some big news... John Newman has entered the building! After a little catch up, we cannot WAIT for his performance later!


10:00pm Fleur has hit the stage, starting with her X Factor hit 'Uptown Funk' which the crowd absolutley loved! Her dance moves really are something... we hope she announces a tour soon as one of her gigs would be out of this world!


10:10pm After a fantastic performance, we are joined back stage with the brilliant Nathan Sykes. Catching up on how successful his solo career has started, and what plans he might have for the near future!


10:20pm Closing the show tonight, is of course, the one, the only the amazing, John Newman! Blasting onto the stage to his hit 'Come and Get It' the crowd are still going strong.


22:28pm With "Blame It On Me" blasting through the Arena, we are not ready to stop just yet! John Newman really does know how to rock that stage!

Closing the ultimate pop party of the night, John Newman finished with 'Love Me Again'. We wish it didn't have to end here, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end... until next year! 

So, for a quick re-cap, we started off with the AMAZING Sigma kicking off the party, followed by Years & Years, who really got the party going playing their hits' King', 'Shine' and 'Eyes Shut'.

Ben Haenow then stormed onto the stage performing his Number 1 X Factor hit 'Something I need' which got everyone in the Arena swaying and singing along. Next up was the super talented Jess Glynne, performing some of her biggest hits including 'Home', 'Hold My Hand' and 'Don't Be So Hard On Yourself'.

After a quick interval, we were then treated to hits from The Vamps WSTRN, Nathan Sykes and Fleur East. All of which were equally amazing. Closing the show this year with 'Love Me Again' was the FANTASTIC, John Newman.

We are still struggling to take everything in from this evening epic pop party, great performances from all acts, and we can't wait to do it all over again next year! See you all next November for Free Radio Live 2016!